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Special recommendations for

1. Proper collection of urine
The best sample of urine for analysis is a fresh, the first morning urine (middle blast) in sterile little bottle together with previously carried out morning toilette.
Women should not, if possible, collect urine during menstruation.

2. Prothrombin time – patient who are on oral anticoagulant therapy
Therapy should be taken in the evening (advisable at the same time).
It is recommended that the interval, between taking of medicine and blood drawing for PT, be 12 hours.
Blood for analysis of prothrombin time should be drawn in morning hours.
Intake of food with increased content of vitamin K and intake of other medicaments can influence on obtained result.
Aliments with high content of vitamin K are as follows: leaf vegetable, lettuce, spinach, borecole, cabbage, broccoli, apples, carrot, tomato etc.

3. Test on loading with glucose (OGTT)
Patient should be on normal nutrition three days before performing of the test.
Patient must not be exposed to intensive physical activities.
Patient should, in agreement with its doctor, stop with taking of medicaments such as corticosteroids and diuretics, because they influence on the metabolism of glucose.

Test is performed in the morning, after 10-16 hours of night starvation.
During the test patient should be calm, not to smoke, eat and not to drink any liquid.
Time of duration of the test is from 120 to 180 minutes.

4. Collecting of 24 hours urine
Ask for special container for urine in the laboratory or prepare a clean plastic bottle of 2 liters.
If a container is obtained at us, it is not necessary to wrap a bottle in aluminum foil because it has been already shaded.
If there is no original container for urine, for some analyses is necessary to wrap a bottle in aluminum foil.
Pour a preservative into a bottle, is necessary.
During taking of urine a bottle should be kept in dark and cold place.
The first portion of urine should be thrown away.
Whole urine during the day should be collected in a bottle.
Every time a bottle should be slightly shaken.
The first morning portion of the following day should be put in a bottle.
Finish with collection of urine.
Whole urine should be brought in the laboratory.

5. Additional instructions for collection of 24 hours urine for catecholamines, VMA, ketosteroids, corticosteroids, serotonin and 5-HIAA
Urine is collected with preservative which is obtained in the laboratory, according to already cited instructions for collection of 24 hours urine, except that the patient, one day before and during collecting of urine:
Should not take any therapy, if possible.
Must not eat bananas, walnuts, hazelnuts, avocado, eggplant and pineapple.
Must not drink coffee.
6. Spermogram (Analysis of seminal fluid)
Patient should not have sex 3-5 days.
The sample is being given in laboratory or is being brought in the laboratory at the body temperature within 15-20 minutes after sample is made.
7. Instruction for test on occult bleeding-blood in bowel movement Immunochemical test
There are no limitations in nutrition during preparation for analysis, except that the excessive taking of alcohol and aspirins should be avoid, as well as other medicaments, which can cause gastrointestinal irritation and bring to occult bleeding.

Test should not be performed:
• during acute infections of colon,
• women should not perform the test during menstruation

Patient obtains the bottle for taking of samples. Name, surname and the date of taking of samples should be written on the bottle.
The sample of bowel movement is taken in such way that the bottle is opened and the sample is taken with a small stick on the cap of a bottle.
The sample is taken with the small stick by prick into three different places in obtained bowel movement (faeces).
It is not need to take parts of bowel movement, only by prick on three different places!
Close the bottle and shake it strongly so the sample would be mixed with the solution in the bottle.
Small bottle should be brought to the laboratory.

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