Preparation of the patient for microbiological testing

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Preparation of the patient for microbiological testing

Preparation of the patient for microbiological testing

1. Urine for urine culture
Exterior sexual organs (genitals) should be well washed with warm water and soap, afterwards should wipe oneself with well ironed towel or sterile gauze. For this analyze the first morning urine is taken, middle blast, into sterile canisters, designated for that purpose.
Testing lasts 24-72 hours.
2. Smears of throat, nose and oral cavity
Smear should be taken before antibiotic therapy.
In the morning, before taking of a smear, the patient should not have breakfast, not drink any beverage, nor perform hygiene of oral cavity.
If the patient has eaten or has drunk some beverage, the minimal period of 30 minutes should pass till taking of the smear.
At least 12 hours should pass from local application of antiseptic means till taking of smear.
Control sample after antibiotic therapy should be taken at least 7 days from completed therapy or upon doctor’s request.
3. Genital smears at women and men
Vaginal and cervical smear
The female patient should not have sex on the previous day.
Urethral smear
The patient should not urinate 2-3 hours before taking of smear.
4. Sperm culture
The patient should urinate previously.
5. Spittle – sputum
Morning sputum is taken for the analysis (before anything is being put into mouth and before washing of teeth).
Firstly the mouth is washed with clean drinking water, which is thrown out from the mouth.
Afterwards patient should start with strong coughing and cough out as much as possible sputum into the sterile canister – aimed for that analysis.
Testing lasts 24-72 hours.
6. Excrement – bowel movement – faeces
For coproculture
The bowel movement of the size of a pea is put into the sterile dry canister (aimed for this purpose), whereat the bloody and mucous parts of the bowel movement are collected, if they exist.
In order to obtain as bigger as possible percent of positive findings, more consecutive samples of bowel movement should be done.
Testing lasts 48-72 hours.
For parasites
Bowel movement must be fresh.
For routine testing, the examination of three samples of bowel movement, of the size of pea, is recommended, which is put into the sterile dry canister (aimed for that purpose).
Using of antibiotics (tetracycline), laxative means (for cleaning), mineral oils, preparations against diarrhea – and antimalaric, delays parasitological testing.
For testing of protozoa (amoebae), salts for cleaning are used (not oils and other laxatives).
Control is performed 7-10 days after the therapy.
1. Perianal print
In the evening, before going to sleep, the area around anus should be washed.
The print is to be taken in the morning (best before getting out from a bed).
Anus should not be washed before taking of the print.
One person spreads the wrinkles around anus, and the second person tear off the adhesive tape from glass and with adhesive tape adhere along to the skin and wrinkles of the anus.
Afterwards the adhesive tape should be returned on the glass plate and be brought to the laboratory.

For all additional questions regarding preparations for analyses, please contact the laboratory.

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