How to prepare yourself for coming to laboratory?

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How to prepare yourself for coming to laboratory?

How to prepare yourself for coming to laboratory?

To obtain the correct result, the regular preparation of the patient for taking of samples is needed.
1. Avoid greater physical activity 2-3 days before drawing of blood.
Increased physical activity may significantly increase the activities of certain enzymes (CK, LDH, AST), level of potassium ...

2. Draw the blood sample in the morning after nightly starvation, 12 hours after last meal.
Food brings to augmentation of the concentration of: glucose, cholesterol, triglyceride, phosphates, proteins, vitamins ...
Daily variations are very significant at: iron, catecholamine, cortisol, ACTH, corticosteroids, ...
Blood for stress hormone (ACTH, prolactine, cateholamine, cortisol, ...) draw after rest of at least 15-30 minutes.

3. Before blood drawing, if possible, do not take medicines and preparations which can influence on result.
Preparations of iron, vitamins, hormone therapy, diuretics, analgesics ...
If it is not possible to follow all these recommendations, it has to be emphasized to the chosen doctor, who will take that into consideration at interpreting of the results.

It is important to know how to behave after blood drawing
After blood drawing you have to keep your arm extended for a particular period of time, slightly raised up and to press the place of pinprick in order not to come to appearance of hematoma (blood suffusion).
Some tests can be done from capillary blood (blood from finger). Very small sample from capillaries can be obtained by pinprick on the finger, auricle or at newborn baby from the heel or from the big toe. Complete blood count (CBC) and smaller number of other analyses can be done in this manner.
What to do if?

1. You have no visible veins
Drink 8 to 10 glasses of liquid one day before blood drawing.
Walking, while you are waiting for blood drawing or when you are approaching to the laboratory, increase the blood flow and make veins "pumped up", and you can also perform some exercises for arms or hands.
That can make easier the procedure of blood drawing.

2. You have dry skin
Put a moisturizing cream on the skin of the whole arm up to 4 times daily. So the pinprick will be less painful.

3. Cold hands
Blood circulation is being increased when you are being felt warm and in that occasion the blood drawing is significantly facilitated. Put on warm clothe and let the arm freely falling dawn in order to increase the blood pressure in veins.

4. You are inclined to dizziness
If you are nervous and feel vertigo and dizziness, tell this to the technician before he commence with blood drawing.
Blood drawing can be performed while you are lying so you can relax yourself and feel better. At the same occasion we will prevent loosing of consciousness and possibility that you harm yourself.
If you, in any moment, feel vertigo or dizziness, tell that to the technician or anyone near you.

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