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Laboratory "Dr Vuksanovic" to one more location

Laboratory "Dr Vuksanovic" to one more location

Biochemical-microbiological laboratory "Dr Vuksanovic" is located in one more location, in Ulcinj.

Address is the Braće Frašeri b. b., across from the Gymnasium.

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Test of intolerance on food

Test of intolerance on food

Regular nutrition, appropriate physical activity
Are the condition for longer and more quality life


Test of intolerance on food can help you to remove or alleviate some health problems.
That can be problems with body weight, bed digestion, frequent headaches, pains in jointsm chronic fatigue, insomnia...
What to eat, and what not to eat, you will find out if you perform a test.
About 340 aliments are encompassed by the test.

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Simple immunochemical test

Simple immunochemical test

It helps in early discovering of the carcinoma of the colon.
Establishing of diagnose in early stadium of a disease enables greater percentage of complete healing.
Because of that it is needed to perform biochemical test for discovering of blood traces in bowel moving – faeces.
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Special offer

Special offer

Set of microbiological analyzes for going to maternity hospital
49 euros.
During the ninth month of pregnancy should do microbiological analyzes for safe parturition.
Analysis set includes:
• throat or nasal swabs on bacteria and fungi
• vaginal and cervical swabs bacteria and fungi
• coproculture

Full price listed analysis is 73 euros.
Special offer is 49 euros
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About us

Biochemical – microbiological laboratory "Dr Vuksanovic" was founded in the year 1999 in Bar, as the biochemical laboratory.
During the year 2003 also microbiological laboratory starts with working.
Biochemical – microbiological laboratory "Dr Vuksanovic " is registered for laboratory diagnostic in the area of hematology, biochemistry, microbiology…

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